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Mickey  Bohn moved  from New York to Las Vegas with his family in 1970.  He is the oldest of three children, with a sister, Lori, and a brother, John.  He has four nieces and nephews who keep him grounded and in touch with the struggles of our youth in these difficult times. Mickey decided when he was 13 years old that he wanted to be an attorney.  His grandfather had been involved in some life changing litigation. Mickey overheard his father talking to his grandfather’s attorney regarding a job well done that proved to greatly help Mickey’s grandfather in the litigation. Mickey knew then that he wanted to help people by becoming an attorney.


Mickey’s roots in Nevada include attending elementary school, junior high and high school in Las Vegas before moving to Southern California to attend college at California State University at Northridge, and then successfully completing law school at Southwestern University in Los Angeles.


While in law school, Mickey worked as a law clerk for a small law firm, where he was mentored by attorney Fredric J. (Fredie) Greenblatt.  Fredie taught Mickey the importance of quality written work, explaining that the first impression that a judge or opposing counsel have of a young attorney or any attorney is the attorney’s written work. Mickey learned early in his legal career, the importance of good writing skills. Mickey’s ability to communicate through the written word will serve him well as a judge.


After graduating law school, Mickey knew he wanted to be back in his home city and he returned to Las Vegas to pursue his career in law.  His first job before being admitted to the Nevada State Bar, and after graduating law school, was working for Attorney Michael Cherry.  Michael Cherry went on to become a District Court Judge and a Nevada Supreme Court Justice.  Michael mentored Mickey on being a lawyer in Las Vegas in the 1980’s.  Mickey only worked for Michael Cherry for a few months, but they remain friends today.  One aspect of the practice of law, that Mickey learned from Michael Cherry, was that good employees are a true asset of a law firm and should be treated well.


Mickey then had an opportunity to explore the inner workings of the judicial system by working as a law clerk for District Court Judge  Miriam Shearing.  Judge Shearing was the first female Justice of the Peace in Nevada, as well as being both the first female District Court Judge and the first female Nevada Supreme Court Justice in the history of Nevada. Judge Shearing taught Mickey about equality, the dual standards for men and women and the need for all to strive to obtain a fairer world and work place.  Mickey’s understanding and sense of fairness and justice was being shaped as he grew and experienced all aspects of the legal system.


Clerking for Judge Shearing was a life altering experience for Mickey when he discovered  the tremendous responsibility carried by a judge.  During Mickey’s clerkship, Judge Shearing handled a number of high profile cases which impacted many lives, businesses and governmental policies. A particularly memorable case that was in Judge Shearing’s courtroom, was a death penalty and it was Judge Shearing’s duty to sentence the man to death.


While clerking for Judge Shearing, Mickey knew that he wanted to be a district court judge some day, but only after he had garnered enough experience to handle the burdens and responsibilities that come with being a Judge. Now is the time !


Mickey was admitted to the Nevada State Bar in 1984 while clerking for Judge Shearing.  After leaving Judge Shearing’s tutelage, Mickey decided he wanted to  experience practicing law with a large  law firm whose partners included Congressman  James Bilbray, the brilliant trial attorney,  John Fadgen, former Las Vegas City Attorney, Carl Lovell, and attorney, Harold Gewerter.  Surrounded by such legal scholars, Mickey was being well groomed for his future endeavors and the day he would become a Judge.


When Harold Gewerter left the firm to begin his own practice, Mickey went with him as the sole associate attorney.   Mickey worked on a number of high profile cases such as the Bobby Berosini defamation case, the Liberace will contest case, and also represented the former owners of the Tropicana Hotel who had sued the Ramada Inn for the remainder of the purchase price for the hotel.  That case resulted in a verdict of over 34 million dollars for their client, which at the time was the largest judgment ever entered in the state of Nevada. .

Mickey’s next employment was with Attorney Corby Arnold. At  the Arnold firm, Mickey  worked on the Pepcon case, which was a mass tort case arising from a major explosion at a rocket fuel additive plant in Henderson, Nevada.  Mickey realized the impact he could have on peoples’ lives with the legal skills he was developing and committed himself to helping others.


Mickey’s desire to make a difference next took him to work for attorney, Robert Apple,  who had a civil practice that concentrated primarily on handling personal injury claims.  This two person law firm had a mission statement to work hard, represent their clients to the best of their abilities and always seek justice - a belief Mickey has always maintained to this very day.


On January 2, 1997, Mickey formed his own law firm, The Bohn Law Firm, which handles a variety of civil cases, with a concentration on personal injury and real estate matters.


Mickey also has extensive experience handling appellate matters.   He has been involved in numerous appellate cases that have resulted in over seventeen (17) reported appellate decisions.  This means that the decisions are legal precedent and have a  binding effect on future cases. They are the law in the state of Nevada. Since 2016, ten (10) of Mickey’s reported decisions have clarified Nevada law on real estate law and  foreclosures. Mickey is one of Nevada’s foremost experts on real estate law and foreclosures.


Mickey is married to Krissy Bohn.  Together, they enjoy traveling, hiking, swimming, entertaining friends at their home, studying and experiencing American history, and enjoying music. When Mickey and Krissy travel, they try to include their love of history in their travels.  They have visited libraries, museums, and other memorials to former Presidents of the United States.  To date, they have visited the museums and libraries of 23 of our former Presidents.  They have set a goal of visiting every Presidential Library and/or Museum.


One of Mickey’s more famous hobbies was being a disc jockey for almost seven years on UNLV’s KUNV Community Radio, where he was voted as Las Vegas’ Best Disc Jockey by the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Poll in 1993.  Mickey certainly has had a well rounded life and prides himself on being able to relate to all people.


Although there is no school, nor one path to be trained to be a Judge in Nevada, we can all agree that Mickey’s journey along the legal and judicial path has unquestionably groomed him to rise to the task of being a Judge and all persons who come into his Courtroom will be treated fairly, respectfully and will know that the justice system does indeed work.


In today’s times, where all of our institutions are being challenged, Nevada needs a District Court Judge like Mickey Bohn.




*Mickey’s biography was prepared by Fredric J. Greenblatt, who is an attorney practicing in Los Angeles for over 40 years.  He first met Mickey while Mickey was still in law school and hired him on the spot. They have been friends for 40 years.

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